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A Bit of Sri Sumeda History

In southern province there is a school called “sumedha vidyalaya” on a very beautiful hill in Matara district.This school has a very long history about 111 years. It was started with 11 students. This was known as “Batathumbe school” before several decades. At that time this school was ruled by a methodist organization. The first principal of this school was Mr. De Silva. And there were only two teachers. But now there are 48 teachers and there are about 770 students in this school. Also there is a very good computer unit and a science laboratory in this school now.
The first student of this school is now works as a principal. That is a great sacrifies to the school. This school became a government school in 1912 and the name was changed in to “Malimbada sri sumedha M.V. as aproposal of Mr Samarawickrama. Who was the principal at that time.

In the past there were only primary and junior classes. But 10th January 1982 the permission was taken to have Advanced Level classes. In 1990 the principal Mr. R.k.Wijesekara came to this school. Beacause of his courge this school was developing day by day.

The present principal Mrs. Amara Rajini who leads the school towards more development. The students get various kinds of victories under her guidence.

At present the students are showing their abilities for Music, Dancing, Sinhala, English,Maths and Science.They have won many competitions and the school is getting more and more famous in Akuressa zone. From 22nd November 2002 the present principal Mrs.Amara Rajini is giving the leadership and shows others the correct way. This is a ‘Nowodya school and the students are very fortunate to educate in this school.

Computer Unit