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MR/Malimbada Sri Sumeda M.V The rules and regulations that student should do


* All The students should come to school before 6.15 a.m in clean neat uniform.

* When they enter the school they should put of their caps.

* When they observer the pansil no one should walk here and their in the school ground and when they sing the national anthem they should stand properly

* No one should wear necklaces, bangles, wristwatches, rings and bracelets in the school.

* No one can go out without permission except in the interval.

* After the interval all the students should come to the class and be silent.

* No one can go to the class room except for an essential need.

* Every student should carry the pass when they go out of the class.

* Throughout the school hours no one can associate out sides.

* When there is no teacher the students should read books educational magazines or news papers.

* Every student should try to protect the cleanliness of the classroom.

* No one can create problems with others. If there is a problem they must inform the teacher.

* All the students are should respect the teachers.

* You must great the teachers when they enter and leave the class.

* At the end of the school period you must walk in pairs up to the gate. The student Who go by bicycles must leave at least. After school no one can stay near the gate.